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Impfpflicht News

Stark-Watzinger: Prepare for school closings

School closings are considered to be almost impossible based on past experience; they should only be considered as a last resort. However, in view of the Corona variant Omikron, Federal Education Minister Stark-Watzinger warns that they are more likely, if not everywhere. Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger has called for protection against the Omikron variant of …

Covid19-Reisen News

Mutmaßliche Covid-Ausbrüche in britischen Krankenhäusern verdoppeln sich innerhalb einer Woche

Exklusiv: Offizielle Zahlen zeigen 66 akute Atemwegsinfektionen in Krankenhäusern in der Woche bis 16. Dezember Offizielle Zahlen zeigen, dass sich mutmaßliche Covid-Ausbrüche in Krankenhäusern in ganz Großbritannien innerhalb einer Woche verdoppelt haben – obwohl die Zahl der Personen, die mit dem Virus auf Stationen aufgenommen werden, in weiten Teilen Englands zurückgeht. Während Teile des NHS-Kampfes …


What is an emergency approval for corona vaccines?

The term „emergency approval“ that is often used at the moment is misleading and actually also wrong. Because in truth, the corona vaccines, for which approval has been applied for from the European approval authority EMA, are not an emergency, but a conditional approval. Such a „Conditional Marketing Authorization“ (CMA) has in principle been in …